Meet Jenetia

A Chicago Girl

Born and raised on the South side of Chicago, I understand people and I care beyond the surface. I have connected with and helped people from all walks of life. I know the law. I know what it take to be a good judge. I will bring fairness to the judiciary that represents all the people of Chicago.

I am here for you

Community is a priority for me. Throughout my entire career I have advocated for children and families. My work is from the heart, I am passionate about doing what is right and fair. You can count on me to be firm, yet compassionate and to follow the law.

My professional background

  • Graduate of Spelman College and John Marshall Law
  • Cook County Juvenile Court attorney for 14 years
  • Case worker for 16 years
  • Co-chair of a committee to address disproportionate minority representation of Youth in Care
  • Worked with Northeastern Illinois University on community programs